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News: ...Ogwashi-Ukwu Carnival Initiative..... Ogwashi Ukwu Carnival Initiative Trustees; Anthonia Oguah, Mike Nwankwo, Dominic Dac Chukwurah, Engineer Henry Okolie, Chucks Edozie, Emeka Uwam    
2013 carnival  
Thomas Edison dreamed of a lamp that could be operated by electricity, began where he stood to put his dream into action, and despite more than ten thousand failures, he stood by that dream until he made it a physical reality. This action by Thomas Edison is best captured in Napoleon Hill’s quote, where he described Practical dreamers as people who do not quit.
Ogwashi-Ukwu Carnival is likening to Thomas Edison's dream, the carnival which is the first indigenous community carnival in Delta State Nigeria, is the Brain child and concept of a diligent daughter of Ogwashi-Ukwu, Anthonia Oguah. She conceived the idea of a Dance Carnival in the year 2010 to help promote, not just the cultural heritage of the people of Ogwashi-Ukwu Kingdom but to sustain the cultural legacy that has existed in the community through  culture  and dance in order to revive the Spirit of Unity and Cooperation among the indigenes
The Carnival is a new concept in entertainment; it is expected to help awaken the spirit of brotherhood in Ogwashi-Ukwu if sustained
The carnival started precisely on December 25th, 2010 and was held at the Ani-Nshi sports field Ogwashi-Ukwu. It was attended by both the indigenes of Ogwashi-Ukwu and non-indigene’s, the attendance and overwhelming accolade that greeted the first edition of the Dance Carnival, encouraged the need to use the carnival as a tool to encourage Togetherness and Economic development in the kingdom.
Ogwashi-Ukwu carnival is unique in every way and one of its unique attraction that distinguishes it from other carnivals is the location where it is held which is home to many participants who have applauded the fact that the yearly event will afford them the singular privilege to visit home at least once in a year,with a view to spending the yuletide happily with their old parents , friends and peer mates
This exciting event features some of the best cultural dances Ogwashi-Ukwu has to offer, especially the appearance and display of the Olobo masquerade which has become famous among the people of Anioma in Delta State, also worthy of mention is the revival and display of the various folk dances like the :
EgwuOzo ,
and the re-introduction of Isi-Otukwulu which was one of the hairstyles used by women during special outings or ceremonies in the good old days, and a host of so many other fun loving activities that makes the carnival even more distinguished thereby giving the it a truly unique feeling which cannot be duplicated by any other carnival anywhere else in the world.
The carnival has the blessings and support of the good people of Ogwashi-Ukwu
By the grace of God everything being equal, December 25th is the chosen date for the yearly Carnival that is expected to allow sons and daughters of Ogwashi-Ukwu to visit home in order to appreciate the rich cultural heritage, it will also enable sons and daughters of Ogwashi-Ukwu to have a firsthand information of the true state of situation back in the community  in order to contribute to social development, the carnival will help to bring back memories of brotherhood for sustainability through generations yet unborn.
The participants cuts across all nationalities and generations from and within Ogwashi-Ukwu Kingdom eg: Children, Teenagers, Old and Young, Friends of Ogwashi-Ukwu Kingdom
Ogwashi-Ukwu carnival ‘’Time will Tell’’


...In life, someone is always doing something, someone else said was impossible and so it is with the birth of Ogwashi-Ukwu Carnival, they doubted our sincerity and commitment they said it can't work we said , it is possible if we Try and try we did, indeed.
Ogwashi-Ukwu Carnival project still at its experimental stage will hold as planned 25th December, 2013. We have quite a few additions to this year’s celebration, one of which is the participation of four communities within and outside Delta state namely:
1. Itsekiri dance troupe
2. Ijaw masquerade
3. Mijaka cultural troupe
4. Esan dance troupe
The Carnival Project has come to stay by God’s grace, community and love from good friends like you who started with us and watched us grow in-spite of all the struggles to stand tall amongst other great festivals and carnivals that abound all over the world, our joy remains in our ability to keep celebrating the carnival yearly ''Time Will Tell'' our essence.

In God we trust.



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2013 carnival
2013 carnival2013 carnival
2013 carnival
2013 carnival2013 carnival
CARNIVAL 2013Carnival 2013
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carnival2013 carnival
carnival2013 carnivalcarnival